Discovering Cho-Katsu(腸活): The Newest Health Trend from Japan

The landscape of health and wellness is continuously evolving, with new methods and practices regularly emerging. One such trend that’s been gaining traction in Japan is Cho-katsu (腸活), a comprehensive approach to health that primarily focuses on gut health. KEWPIE’s dressings can facilitate one of the methods that lead to a healthy gut – adopting a vegetable-rich diet. Our range of mayonnaise and dressings, created to enhance the appeal of vegetable dishes, align perfectly with the Cho-katsu philosophy.



Understanding Cho-Katsu

Cho-katsu, in simple terms, translates to ‘intestinal activity.’ This terminology pays homage to the central part the gut plays in our overall health. The practice involves various measures to improve and maintain the health of your intestines, aiming for an optimal balance of gut bacteria. Achieving this balance is crucial as it has a far-reaching impact on various aspects of our health, including immunity, sleep quality, anti-aging, and even obesity prevention.

The benefits of Cho-katsu extend beyond physical health. New research suggests a significant connection between gut health and mental well-being, attributed to the intricate gut-brain axis. Consequently, to adopt Cho-katsu is to commit to a holistic lifestyle that encourages positive gut health.

The Cho-katsu approach isn’t about temporary adjustments or quick fixes. It demands a sustained effort, incorporating several strategies into your everyday life over time, ultimately culminating in a balanced gut health environment.

Kickstarting Cho-Katsu with KEWPIE Dressings



Dietary fiber plays a central role in Cho-katsu. Foods rich in dietary fiber, such as a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, help create an intestinal environment conducive to good health.
At Kewpie, we understand the crucial role dietary choices play in shaping our gut health. Our dressings are not just designed to enhance the flavor of your meals but also to support you in incorporating vital fiber-rich vegetables into your diet.

Consider our signature Roasted Sesame dressing. Its rich, robust flavor adds an enticing dimension to even the simplest of salads, thus inspiring you to enjoy more nutrient-dense, fiber-rich meals. By incorporating more vegetables with our dressings into your diet, you take a significant step towards embracing the Cho-katsu lifestyle.

Cho-katsu beyond the Kitchen

Cho-katsu isn’t confined to dietary changes alone; it’s a lifestyle that incorporates various facets of our daily routines. Physical activity, for instance, plays a critical role in promoting gut health. Regular low-impact activities like walking or light aerobics can stimulate intestinal muscle activity, leading to improved gut health.



Stress management is another crucial aspect of Cho-katsu. Our gut health is closely tied to our nervous system, meaning that long-term stress can trigger an imbalance in our gut bacteria. Regularly engaging in stress-relieving activities like hobbies, exercises, mindfulness practices, or simply scheduling quiet downtime can significantly enhance gut health.

Furthermore, establishing a regular lifestyle pattern can also impact your gut health positively. Prioritizing adequate sleep and moderating alcohol consumption are fundamental practices for promoting optimal gut health.

Cho-katsu Lifestyle Made Delicious with KEWPIE

While beginning a Cho-katsu lifestyle might seem overwhelming, remember it’s about gradual change rather than an overnight transformation. Starting with small, significant changes, like incorporating more salads with KEWPIE dressing into your meals, can set you on the right path. Over time, consistent minor adjustments can result in a major transformation.

Cho-katsu is not just a fleeting trend—it’s a lifelong commitment to wellness. With KEWPIE by your side, making delicious, fiber-rich choices becomes not just simpler but also enjoyable. Let’s together embrace the Cho-katsu way of life and experience the profound impact it can have on our overall well-being. Because at the end of the day, a healthy outside truly starts from the inside.