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The 11 Best Mayo Brands With Quality Ingredients

It’s no secret that people can’t agree on anything … except, that is, a favorite sandwich spread. We here at Mashed asked our readers to tell us their favorite sandwich condiment, and in a survey that spanned the globe, more than half of respondents voted for mayonnaise as their top choice. Who would have thought? With that many people regularly reaching for their favorite mayonnaise, we decided to take a look at the best of the best — and to do it by finding the brands that have truly quality ingredients.

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How to Stock a Lunch-Ready Pantry

In this excerpt from Eater’s debut cookbook, chefs recommend the best condiments, grains, pickles, and other staples to step up your home lunch game.

After talking with chefs who make some of the best lunches in the business, one thing is clear: Making a great lunch at home is 95 percent about what you’re keeping in your pantry and fridge. The other five percent is thinking just a bit more strategically about what you’re doing with that inventory.

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The Key Difference That Sets Japanese Potato Salad Apart From The American Version

There are as many American potato salad variations as there are backyard BBQs, but the basic framework is usually the same. Boiled cubes of potato bound by a mayonnaise and mustard dressing speckled with onion, pickles, or relish, and some hard boiled eggs. Potato salad isn’t unique to America, but this version has planted deep roots in the US.

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The World’s Best Mayo Is Coming for Hellmann’s

Mayonnaise might seem like a simple condiment, but there’s a whole wide world of it out there. I’m partial to major American brands such as like Hellmann’s, Duke’s, and Kraft, but the one mayonnaise I always have on hand is the Japanese brand Kewpie. It’s rich, savory, and makes whatever it touches more delicious. It turns out Americans are starting to get the message, because Clarksville Now reports that Kewpie is building a new plant in Montgomery County, Tennessee, to expand its U.S. presence.

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Why You Should Read The Label The Next Time You Buy Kewpie Mayo

While American kitchens have been stocking Hellman’s and Duke’s mayonnaise for decades, Japan has been using Kewpie. According to Bon Appétit, Kewpie has a smoother and richer flavor than most of the mayos we use in the states. The strongest difference is a more eggy umami flavor, which is bolstered by its inclusion of egg yolks rather than a whole egg. Kewpie strangely has both a sweet tanginess and savory flavor that is unique to itself. 

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What’s in a Philly Chef’s Fridge?

From Kewpie mayo to seltzers of every variety — five Philly chefs tell us what they keep in stock at home.
After long days spent in boiling-hot kitchens, tired chefs come home from work and stare longingly into their fridges, just like the rest of us. But have you ever wondered what exactly a professional chef keeps at home to cook for themselves? We caught up with five beloved Philly culinarians to ask: What’s in your fridge?

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Why You Should Be Obsessed With Japan’s Kewpie Mayo

Mayonnaise is a magical ingredient. It makes the outside of your grilled cheese extra crispy, your chocolate cake luscious and moist, and your tuna/chicken/potato salad sing. That being said, not all mayonnaises are created equal. Sure, you’ve got your standard Hellmann’s, your Duke’s, your avocado- and olive oil-based fares. But in the gastronomical kingdom of mayonnaise, only one reigns supreme—and its name is Kewpie.

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Why Are Chefs So Obsessed with Kewpie Mayonnaise?

Store-bought mayonnaise is a polarizing food. Folks in the Southern states will swear by their Duke’s Mayo as a matter of civic pride, while many Midwesterners would never be caught without their blue-lidded jar of Hellman’s. There is even the smaller but no less vocal Miracle Whip contingent, the eggless mayo lovers, and various other smaller regional spreads that get mad love.

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If You’re a Kewpie Mayo Loyalist Like Me, You’ll Love This Sesame Dressing

I first bought this sesame dressing because of my reverence for the Kewpie brand. (They put MSG in mayo! Respect.) The mottled, miso-hued liquid initially looked sugary-sweet—like something from Newman’s Own—but where was the flaccid plastic bottle I love-hate?! This one came in glass, and it called to me from the shelves of the Japanese supermarket I was in. Seeing “Kewpie” in all caps on the label was all I needed to gingerly plop it into my shopping basket. It was a guarantee of delicious things ahead, an invitation into the Kewpie lifestyle.

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The Japanese Mayo Hack That Makes Cheap Ramen Taste Luxurious

This hack began with one of my favorite YouTube channels, Way Of Ramen, which helps noodle freaks (like myself) achieve their home-cooked ramen goals. One recent video referenced an idea gaining traction among Japanese ramen geeks: Adding Kewpie mayonnaise, a whole raw egg, and minced garlic to supplement instant ramen—specifically Sapporo-brand miso-flavored ramen, which can be found at my local supermarket for under $1. The reaction to this mayo addition has been overwhelmingly positive, according to commenters on the original YouTube video. The Way Of Ramen host was skeptical. I was too.

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Instacart Releases First “New Year, New Cart” 2021 Grocery Trends Report Forecasting The Food Trends & Grocery Shopping Habits For The Year Ahead

Instacart, the leading online grocery platform in North America, today released its first “New Year, New Cart” 2021 Grocery Trends Report forecasting the at-home food trends and grocery shopping habits for the year ahead. Combining an in-depth look at Instacart purchase data with a new Instacart survey of 2,050 U.S. adults conducted by The Harris Poll, Instacart’s “New Year, New Cart” 2021 report reflects five key shifts in shopping behavior, buying preferences, and food attitudes after nearly a year of COVID-19 pandemic living and cultural shifts. (SOURCE Instacart)

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Is this the world’s best mayonnaise?

The first step in understanding the popularity of Kewpie mayonnaise is to recognize there are different attitudes in Japan than in America regarding the creamy condiment. It’s used extensively — on salads, karaage, squiggled onto okonomiyaki and takoyaki, and even as a pizza topping. It has transcended the plane of mere human consumption to become a cultural touchstone — a passion that can border on obsession… (Lucas Kwan Peterson/Los Angeles Times)

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13 mayonnaise brands ranked

This Japanese mayonnaise was the clear winner, earning a score of 6.6 that put it way ahead of the pack. It had a yellow yolk-y color and, thanks to the star tip atop the squeeze bottle, looked beautiful piped into the tasting bowl. The aroma was pleasantly eggy, the texture creamy. The eggy flavor was slightly tangy, with what one taster described as a “very pronounced” umami element. That makes sense given one of the ingredients is monosodium glutamate… (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

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